Services offered for Orbital Lite STS

Deployment and Configuration

Radius Works offers comprehensive support in deploying and configuring Orbital Lite STS within your organization. Their experienced team can guide you through the deployment process, ensuring that the application is properly installed and configured to meet your specific requirements. They can assist with server setup, database configuration, integration with existing systems, and other necessary configurations to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.

Support and Management

Once Orbital Lite STS is deployed, Radius Works provides ongoing support and management services. They can offer technical assistance, troubleshooting, and issue resolution to ensure the smooth operation of the application. This includes monitoring system performance, applying updates and patches, and addressing any support requests or inquiries that may arise.

Customization to Support Additional SAML Profiles

Radius Works understands that different organizations may require support for specific SAML profiles beyond the ones mentioned. They can provide customization services to tailor Orbital Lite STS to support additional SAML profiles that are relevant to your organization's needs. This ensures that the application seamlessly integrates with various healthcare systems, information exchanges, and identity management solutions specific to your environment.

Consulting for Identity Management Solutions

Radius Works offers consulting services to assist your organization in implementing effective Identity Management solutions. They can provide expert guidance on best practices, architecture design, and implementation strategies to enhance your organization's identity and access management capabilities. Their consultants can assess your current infrastructure, recommend appropriate solutions, and help you establish robust identity management processes.

Deployment and Configuration of OpenAM and ADFS

Radius Works can support the deployment and configuration of OpenAM (Open Access Manager) and ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) within your organization. These are widely used identity and access management solutions that integrate with Orbital Lite STS. By deploying and configuring OpenAM and ADFS, Radius Works enables seamless integration and secure SSO experiences across your IT infrastructure.

Expertise in Integrating HIS/EMR with Electronic Health Record Portals

Radius Works has deep expertise in integrating Health Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems with regional or national Electronic Health Record (EHR) portals. They can provide consulting, integration, and customization services to establish secure and efficient data exchange between your HIS/EMR system and the EHR portal. This ensures interoperability and seamless access to patient data across different healthcare systems.

Support and Configuration of ConnectingGTA STS v1.7

Who better than to support the software, than the person that created it? Radius Works can provide support and configuration services for ConnectingGTA STS (Secure Token Service) or ConnectingOntario STS v1.7. These are identity and access management solutions specific to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) region and Ontario, respectively. By leveraging their expertise, Radius Works can assist with the setup, configuration, and ongoing support of these STS solutions, ensuring secure and efficient authentication and authorization processes.