Orbital Lite STS

Orbital Lite STS is a middle-tier application that serves as a crucial component for enabling Single-Sign-On (SSO) capabilities within your legacy application. It facilitates seamless authentication and authorization processes, allowing users to access web applications that support federated access.

Originally designed to cater specifically to the healthcare industry, Orbital Lite STS addresses the need for SSO access within Health Information Systems (HIS). Its primary objective is to enable secure and streamlined access to Electronic Health Records (EHR) through Health Information Exchanges (HIE). By leveraging Orbital Lite STS, HIS systems can leverage the authenticated user context and associate it with the relevant patient identifier.

One of the key features of Orbital Lite STS is its ability to bundle the authenticated user context with the active patient identifier. This bundled information is then transmitted to external web applications, triggering access and ensuring that the appropriate patient context is displayed. This functionality is crucial for healthcare providers and organizations utilizing EHR systems, as it enhances efficiency and accuracy in accessing patient information across different applications and platforms.

By utilizing Orbital Lite STS, organizations can simplify the user experience by eliminating the need for users to remember multiple login credentials for various applications. Instead, they can log in once through the legacy application and seamlessly access other federated web applications while maintaining the necessary authentication and patient context.

Overall, Orbital Lite STS plays a vital role in enabling SSO capabilities and facilitating secure access to web applications within the healthcare realm, enhancing interoperability and user experience in the context of Health Information Systems and Electronic Health Records.